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Shining Time Station

A spin-off of the British childrens show "Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends", "Shining Time Station" is an American show aired in 1989 through 1997 on PBS; about children who live in Shining Time. It has juxebox band puppets and most of all, Mr. Conductor, who tells stories of Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends on the Island of Sodor.
Season 1 (1989)

1 A Place Unlike Any Other (Thomas Gets Tricked/Edward Helps Out)
2 Does it Bite? (Come Out, Henry!/Henry to the Rescue)
3 And the Band Played Off (A Big Day for Thomas/Trouble for Thomas)
4 Pitching In and Helping Out (Thomas Saves the Day/James Learns a Lesson)
5 Show and Yell (Foolish Freight Cars/A Proud Day for James)
6 Faith, Hope and Anxiety (Thomas and the Conductor/Thomas Goes Fishing)
7 Agree to Disagree (Terence the Tractor/Thomas and Bertie's Great Race)
8 Whistle While You Work (Tenders and Turntables/Trouble in the Shed)
9 Two Old Hands (Percy Runs Away/Thomas Comes to Breakfast)
10 Happy Accidents (Henry's Special Coal/The Flying Kipper)
11 Ring in the Old (Toby the Tram Engine/Thomas Breaks the Rules)
12 Impractical Jokes (A Cow on the Line/Old Iron)
13 Finders Keepers (Double Trouble/James in a Mess)
14 Just Wild About Harry's Workshop (Duck Takes Charge/Percy Proves a Point)
15 Promises, Promises (Better Late Than Never/Pop Goes the Diesel)
16 Words Out (Diesel's Devious Deed/A Close Shave for Duck)
17 Too Many Cooks (Gordon Takes a Dip/Down the Mine)
18 Mapping it Out (The Runaway/Percy Takes a Plunge)
19 Things That Go Gahooga in the Night (Percy's Ghostly Trick/Woolly Bear)
20 Is This the End? (Saved From Scrap/A New Friend for Thomas)
21 'Tis a Gift (Thomas' Christmas Party/Thomas & the Missing Christmas Tree)

Season 2 (1991)

22 Scare Dares (Percy's Ghostly Trick/Thomas, Percy and the Dragon)
23 Oh, What a Tangled Web (Diesel's Devious Deed/No Joke for James)
24 The Magic is Believing (Old Iron/Edward's Exploit)
25 Win, Lose or Draw (Double Trouble/Gordon and the Famous Visitor)
26 Sweet and Sour (Donald and Douglas/The Deputation)
27 Achoo (Trust Thomas/Whistles and Sneezes)
28 A Dog's Life (James in a Mess/The Trouble with Mud)
29 Field Day (Percy Proves a Point/Thomas and Bertie's Great Race)
30 Wrong Track (Thomas Saves the Day/Down the Mine)
31 Washout (Bertie's Chase/Percy's Promise)
32 Crackpot (Woolly Bear/Henry's Forest)
33 Yabba, Yabba, Yabba (Pop Goes the Diesel/Diesel Does It Again)
34 Nickel in a Pickle (Thomas Comes to Breakfast/Thomas Gets Bumped)
35 Stop the Press (Percy and the Signal/A Big Day for Thomas)
36 He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not (Thomas, Percy and the Mail Train)  
37 Double Trouble (The Diseasel/Donald's Duck)
38 Is Anybody There? (Thomas Goes Fishing/A Scarf for Percy)
39 Do I Hear? (Mavis/Toby's Tightrope)
40 Jingle, Jingle, Jingle (Time for Trouble/Trouble for Thomas)
41 All's Fair (Edward, Trevor and the Really Useful Party)

Season 3 (1993)

42 Becky Makes a Wish (All at Sea)  
43 Schemer Alone (Percy, James and the Fruitful Day)  
44 Bully for Mr. Conductor (Bulgy)  
45 Stacy Cleans Up (James Goes Buzz Buzz)  
46 Schemer's Robot (Tenders and Turntables/Trouble in the Shed)
47 Billy Saves the Day (A New Friend for Thomas)  
48 Billy's Party (Thomas and Percy's Mountain Adventure)  
49 Fortune Teller Schemer (Thomas and the Conductor/A Cow on the Line)
50 Billy's Runaway Train (A Close Shave for Duck/The Runaway)
51 Schemer Goes Camping (Percy Takes the Plunge)  
52 Mr. Conductor's Evil Twin (Heroes)  
53 Bad Luck Day at Shining Time Station (Gordon Takes a Dip)  
54 Mr. Conductor's Fourth of July (Escape)  
55 Stacy Forgets Her Name (Thomas Gets Tricked)  
56 Schemer's Special Club (Oliver Owns Up)  
57 Mr. Conductor's Movie (Tender Engines)  
58 The Joke's on Schemer (Daisy/Wrong Road)
59 Dance Crazy (Percy Runs Away/Percy's Predicament)
60 Mysterious Stranger (Come Out, Henry!/Henry to the Rescue)
61 Dan's Big Race (Henry's Special Coal/The Flying Kipper)
62 Mr. Conductor Gets Left Out (One Good Turn/A Proud Day for James)
63 Mr. Conductor's Big Sleepwalk (Saved From Scrap/Better Late Than Never)
64 The Mayor Runs for Re-Election (James Learns a Lesson/Foolish Freight Cars)
65 Stacy Says No! (Edward Helps Out/Duck Takes Charge)
66 How the Station Got Its Name (Toby the Tram Engine/Thomas Breaks the Rules)

TV Specials (1995-1996)
1 Once Upon a Time (Rusty to the Rescue/Thomas & Stepney)
2 Second Chances (Granpuff/Sleeping Beauty)
3 One of the Family (Toad Stands By/Thomas & the Special Letter)
4 Queen For a Day (Thomas Meets the Queen/Special Attraction)

Mr. Conductor's Thomas Tales (1997-1998)
1 Paint the Town Red (Come Out, Henry!/Fish/Whistles and Sneezes/ Henry & the Elephant/Bulldog/Let's Have a Race)
2 Splish, Splash, Splosh (Passengers and Polish/Gallant Old Engine/ Bertie's Chase/Peter Sam & the Refreshment Lady/You Can't Win/Gone Fishing)
3 Missing Whistles (Bulls' Eyes/Train Stops Play/Percy's Ghostly Trick/ Thomas, Percy & the Dragon/Special Funnel/Really Useful Engine)
4 Wildlife (Four Little Engines/Daisy/Saved From Scrap/Rusty Helps Peter Sam/Percy's Predicament/Toby)
5 For the Birds (A Bad Day for Sir Handel/Percy Proves a Point/Bowled Out/The Diseasel/Steamroller/Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover)
6 Wish You Were Here (Thomas, Percy & The Mail Train/Mind That Bike/ Rock N Roll/Home at Last/Thomas & The Special Letter/Island Song)